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Predicting The Scores for NFL Week 3

The third week of the NFL Season is here. This post is coming a few days after the Thursday Night Matchup between the LA Rams and the San Fransisco 49ers which saw the Rams win 41-39. So we will leave that one off the table.

Ravens vs. Jaguars

Ravens: 24 Jaguars: 19

Broncos vs. Bills

Broncos: 26 Bills: 18

Saints vs. Panthers

Panthers: 41 Saints: 38

Steelers vs. Bears

Steelers: 31 Bears: 17

Falcons vs Lions

Lions: 31 Falcons: 26

Browns vs. Colts

Browns: 24 Colts: 20

Buccaneers vs. Vikings

Buccaneers: 28 Vikings: 21

Texans vs. Patriots

Patriots: 24 Texans: 14

Dolphins vs. Jets

Dolphins: 17 Jets: 10

Giants vs. Eagles

Eagles: 21 Giants: 19

Seahawks vs. Titans

Titans: 23 Seahawks: 20

Bengals vs. Packers

Packers: 17 Bengals: 6

Chiefs vs. Chargers

Chiefs: 28 Chargers: 21

Raiders vs. Redskins

Raiders: 41 Redskins 28

Cowboys vs Cardinals

Cowboys: 23 Cardinals 18

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