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Harrison on the Sidelines

According to Will Graves, PITTSBURGH (AP) James Harrison the once five-time Pro Bowler sat an entire game on the sidelines. Harrison was not injured, sick or suspended. This is an odd sight in Pittsburgh. Number 92 playing second sting for no perceivable reason. Coach Tomlin seems to be of few words, stating that “we know what James is capable of.” We will see what the Bears have in store for the Steelers, and if Coach Tomlin will call for old number 92 in the upcoming games.

Picture: In this Sept. 25, 2016, file photo, Pittsburgh Steelers outside linebacker James Harrison (92) looks on during the second half of the NFL football game against the Philadelphia Eagles in Philadelphia. Harrison didn’t play a snap in Pittsburgh’s victory over Minnesota in Week 2, though Harrison and coach Mike Tomlin insist the 39-year-old five-time Pro Bowler remains a part of Steelers’ plans. (AP Photo/Chris Szagola, File)  
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