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Patriots Stave off Texans in an All Out Slug-Fest

Well sports fans, week 3 of this young but very unpredictable NFL season is in full swing, and with it came some intense nail-biters. Let’s start off with as good a place as any, in beautiful Foxboro Massachusetts. The table was set on Sunday for another easy Pats victory, but make no mistake about it my friends, this was anything BUT an easy victory. 

Deshaun Watson marched his Texans into Gillette Stadium ready for a fight. This game was a back and forth battle that made an excellent stage for Deshaun Watson to showcase his impressive skill set. The Texans kept pace with the Patriots every step of the way, even leading in total time of possession 33:38 to the Patriots 26:22. 

I’m actually a fan of Deshaun Watson, and every week he impresses me more and more. This kid is ready to show the world what he can do (22/33, 301 yards, 2 TD’s and 2 INT’s), and personally I’m just happy the Patriots don’t have to play him every week. A tip of the cap to Watson and the Texans for their valiant efforts, and for a very exciting game.

Now that that’s out-of-the-way, can we talk about Tom Brady’s 50th career 4th quarter comeback?! I mean, come on, this isn’t even fair anymore. The guy is basically spitting in the face of Father Time on a weekly basis and making it look easy while he’s at it. Brady finished the day going 25/35 for 378 yards and 5 (yes 5) TD’s. Those are Madden level stats, and this guy is putting up those numbers against one of the best defenses in the NFL. The Texans were able to pressure Brady all afternoon to the tune of 5 sacks and 3 forced fumbles. Nevertheless, Brady survives the day and throws the go-ahead TD to Brandin Cooks with :23 seconds left in the game. This was the eighth time Brady had thrown a game-winning touchdown in the final minute of a regular season game.

It was an impressive way to cap off an equally impressive on the field effort. Although, the Texans had a little bit of time to work with, and still had some fight left in them. Watson began a final drive, but a rookie mistake in the time management department cost them a chance to tie. 

The day ends as so many other days have in the Belichick/Brady Era, with a Patriots victory. Pats pull out the victory 36-33 over the very game Texans. Next week the Patriots will host a Panthers team that was humbled Sunday at the hands of the New Orleans Saints. That’s right people, the Saints actually humbled someone. 2017 continues to be one of the strangest in NFL history, and we’re only in week 3!

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