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Dwyane Wade reunites with LeBron in Cleveland for another Finals run.

Dwyane Wade is reuniting with his old friend LeBron James in Cleveland on a 1 year, $2.3 million dollar deal. Wade recently came to a buyout agreement with the Bulls before hitting free agency and signing with Cleveland. Entering his 15th season, D-Wade is still playing the game at a high level. In just one season with Chicago, Wade averaged 18.3 points per game, 4.5 rebounds per game, 3.8 assists per game, and 1.4 steals per game.

So what does this mean for D-Wade now? Will he be able to mesh with the multiple scoring threats that Cleveland possesses? Will he be ok playing a lower amount of minutes? Dwyane Wade will likely enter the season opener as Cleveland’s starting 2-guard. No one can deny that Wade is getting long in the tooth though. With Cleveland’s depth at shooting guard (JR Smith, Kyle Korver, and Iman Shumpert) Dwyane Wade will be able to start the game and rotate through the 48 minute period with fresh legs. This is excellent news for Cleveland for sure, who was missing a scoring piece badly during the 2017 NBA Finals. Smith, Korver, and Shumpert all failed to show up for the Cavs in the Finals, which led to LeBron James playing 45+ minute games.

Key players in the eastern conference such as Paul George, Carmelo Anthony, Paul Millsap, and Jimmy Butler have all joined new teams in the west. When it’s all said and done the east really comes down to two teams. The Cavs and Celtics. Now you might say the Raptors or the Wizards could be thrown into that sentiment as well. Yeah, they might win a game or two in a 7 game series, but that’s it. The Cavs and Celtics are the two clear-cut powerhouses in the east, and it might come down to who has the deeper bench. The Celtics got better this offseason for sure, but Cleveland gets the nod with the solid depth. Check out this Cavs roster and let me know if there’s a better one in the east. I’ll wait.

  • PG Isaiah Thomas
  • SG Dwayne Wade
  • SF LeBron James
  • PF Kevin Love
  • C Tristan Thompson


  • PG Derrick Rose
  • SF Jae Crowder
  • SG JR Smith
  • SF Jeff Green
  • SG Kyle Korver
  • SG Iman Shumpert
  • PG Jose Calderon

This has been arguably the craziest offseason in NBA history and Dwyane Wade just capped it off by joining a high-powered Cavaliers team. The season opener can’t come soon enough.

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