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Still Perfect!

The Kanas City Chiefs advance to 5-0. Since Andy Reed has been in charge, the Chiefs have not had a losing season, and at current, it seems that trend will continue. What has contributed to the Chief’s success? A huge part is QB play by Alex Smith. He is having by all accounts the best season of his career, and quite possibly an MVP season.

Smith threw for 324 yards and 3 touchdowns in Sunday night’s game against the young Texan’s team. A huge part of the Chiefs pursuit of perfection is no turn overs. Alex Smith had no interceptions in Sunday night’s 42-34 win, and a passer rating of 130.2.  That is just the QB play.


Let us not forget the rookie sensation Kareem Hunt. Hunt also rushed for 107 yards in that competition. Any running back would appreciate those numbers, but to Hunt’s current production, that is an off day. And let us not forget the Chief’s defense. Although they game up 34 points, the defense was very stingy in the run game. I would add that most of those points where last minute, game out of reach, garbage points that only excited fantasy owners of Andre Hopkins.

Watch for the Chief’s to continue their road to excellence this upcoming week.

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