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Joe Maddon Ejected

Hot head manger Joe Maddon was at it again last night. For the second time in the NLCS games Maddon was ejected. Dodgers outfielder Curtis Granderson swung through a low knuckle-ball from Cubs pitcher Davis with two strikes. Granderson began to complain to the umpire that he tipped it therefore it was a foul ball and not a strike. The superb umpiring crew conferred and changed the call, which  in the MLB is non-reviewable. This sent Maddon in to a rage, as he stormed the field to express his displeasure. Maddon let every one of the six man officiating crew know is furry over this bogus reversal of the call. Throughout the Maddon’s rant, the Cub showcased the replay on the video board in left field. It was obvious to everyone in the stadium and watching at home that the final ruling was incorrect. The only people who didn’t seem to notice was the only people who truly mattered, the umpire. Maddon was eventually ejected from the game for that rant in the eighth inning.

Granderson ended up striking out on the next pitch after Maddon’s ejection. This essentially made the rant useless, but  Maddon stated post-game:

“If Granderson hits the next one out, I may run out of the clubhouse in my jock strap. it was really that bad. You can’t permit that to happen. The process was wrong. The explanation was eventually hearing two sounds.”

The Cubs ened up winning 3-2 in Game 4 to save themselves form elimination.

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