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Saints and Falcons Rivalry Part 3

#FalconHateWeek is in full motion with the big game Thursday. This week we have looked at this fascinating rivalry. You can check out Part 1 here and Part 2 here. In Part 3 we are going to look at memorable moments in this rivalry. These are in no particular order.

Jimmy Graham Breaks The Goal Post

Sean Payton Returns From His BoutyGate Suspension Against The Falcons

Micheal Mauti Recreates “REBIRTH”

Bobby Hebert Signs With The Falcons

Matt Ryan Tries To Block Nick Fairly


That One Time The Saints Got To Micheal Vick


That Time Devonte Freeman Killed Sterling Moore


Drew Brees Breaks Dan Marinos Record Against the Falcons


28-3 (I know it doesn’t involve the Saints but its fun to remember)


REBIRTH (This never gets old to watch)


Darren Sharper Intercepts Matt Ryan To Seal A Saints Win



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