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Free Agency Preview: Wide Receivers (1-10)

#10 John Brown

2017 Stats: 21 Catches, 299 Yards, and 3 Touchdowns (10 Games)

John Brown has had a tough time staying healthy the past two seasons. A numerous amount of injuries has stunted his growth as a receiver, but make no mistake about it, when the speedster is on the field he’s still extremely dynamic. Brown makes his money on the 3rd level of the field, but he can also work underneath. He won’t have a problem finding a home this offseason.

#9 Cody Latimer

2017 Stats: 19 Catches, 287 Yards, and 2 Touchdowns (11 Games)

“Disappointing” would probably be an understatement when using a word to define Cody Latimer’s career thus far. Latimer was a big deal coming out of Indiana just a few short years ago, but could never live up to the hype in Denver. His route running is just average, his hands are inconsistent, and he doesn’t block well. Latimer did show a few flashes of upside in 2017, but I can’t see him ever becoming more than a WR3 or WR4 or on a team.

#8 Donte Moncrief

2017 Stats: 26 Catches, 391 Yards, and 2 Touchdowns (12 Games)

Donte Moncrief possesses terrific size for an NFL receiver at 6’2″ 215 pounds, but he’s likely reached his peak. His route running is nothing special and he struggles to gain separation against defenders that are quicker than he is. Most of his production comes on 50/50 jump balls because he uses his size well to his advantage. Moncrief can still be a WR3 and a productive red zone threat for some team.

#7 Mike Wallace

2017 Stats: 52 Catches, 748 Yards, and 4 Touchdowns (15 Games)

Mike Wallace is what he has been for his entire career. A one-trick pony. A speedy deep threat that will excel on any team that has a strong-armed quarterback. A return to Baltimore is definitely in the picture to re-sign him, but he could also leave to chase a ring with a contender. He’s not getting any younger and he’ll be 32 years old when the 2018 season kicks off. I expect many teams will be inquiring about his services.

#6 Paul Richardson

2017 Stats: 44 Catches, 703 Yards, and 6 Touchdowns (16 Games)

Paul Richardson finally showed glimpses of becoming a good player in 2017. Richardson couldn’t reach his peak unfortunately because Russell Wilson had a hard time finding time to throw all season. He’s is a young playmaker entering the market at 25 years of age and he’s not going to meet a big money contract but he’s going to be a very good WR2 or WR3 for someone next season. I’ll be tracking his destination closely.

#5 Eric Decker

2017 Stats: 54 Catches, 563 Yards, and 1 Touchdown (16 Games)

I really didn’t like Decker’s fit in the Titans offense. Tennessee’s wide receiver corps caught an injury bug early in training camp and that forced the signing of a veteran wideout. Thus…Eric Decker. Decker is a pure technician and he can bolster any wide receiver corps. Much like Mike Wallace, Eric Decker is likely going to try and chase a ring before he has to call it quits. Look for him to sign with a contender.

#4 Marqise Lee

2017 Stats: 56 Catches, 702 Yards, and 3 Touchdowns (14 Games)

In my opinion, Marqise Lee is one of the most underrated wideouts in all of football. He has good hands and he’s a great route runner. Lee stepped up big time for Blake Bortles when #1 WR Allen Robinson went down for the year. The Jags moved him all over the field and he excelled inside and out. The Jaguars will likely have to take their pick between Marqise Lee and Allen Robinson for which one they’d like to have back next season. Lee seems to make more sense with Robinson coming off of an ACL injury.

#3 Sammy Watkins

2017 Stats: 39 Catches, 593 Yards, and 8 Touchdowns (15 Games)

Numerous reports have come out stating that the Rams are likely to use the franchise tag on Watkins if they can’t reach a deal before the deadline, so there’s a high probability that he’ll be back in LA for the 2018 season. Don’t read too much into his numbers. Watkins is a great receiver that didn’t see as many targets as he should’ve last season. Another season in McVay’s system should help him greatly…if he can stay healthy.

#2 Allen Robinson

2017 Stats: 1 catch, 17 yards (Tore ACL in week 1)

The ACL injury that Robinson suffered in the first game of the season may have hurt his market value greatly, but there will still be a large demand for his services. Jacksonville would be stupid to at least not make an offer to him but I could easily see Robinson taking the largest contract offered to him. The 49ers, Browns, Colts, and Jets are a few teams rumored to make a run at the big wideout this spring.

#1 Jarvis Landry

2017 Stats: 112 Catches, 987 Yards, and 9 Touchdowns (16 Games)

It’s been reported recently that the Dolphins and Landry’s party are nowhere near a contract agreement and it sounds like Landry is going to test the market. The Dolphins did an excellent job of getting the ball into Landry’s hands, but I’d like to see what kind of production comes from Landry when he has a quarterback like Jimmy Garoppolo or Derek Carr throwing to him in 2018. The 49ers have the cap space to pay him and the Raiders are expected to part ways with Michael Crabtree. I like Landry’s fit in the Oakland offense. It’s also rumored that the New Orleans Saints may make a run at Jarvis. Mr. Landry is from Louisiana and played his college football at LSU. Makes sense to return home with a guy like Drew Brees throwing to you, right?

*This isn’t the strongest wide receiver free agent class with just a few WR1 guys, but it definitely has a lot of suitable productive players that can come in and contribute right away for a lot of teams as WR2 or WR3s.

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