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Rich Eisen Rule: Beyond Ridiculous

Tuesday on his show Rich Eisen revealed that an “anonymous” MLB Executive told Eisen that a rule is being discussed in the MLB that would allow the manager of the trailing team to send up any three hitters he chooses.  You read that right ANY three hitters.  Yankees could send up Judge, Stanton and Sanchez even if they batted in the 8th inning.

Sound insane? The thought behind it is that no other sport has its best player not in the game at crunch time.  Imagine Aaron Rodgers or Tom Brady on the sideline watching their offense with the ball in the final two minutes, or LeBron James waving a towel from the Cavs sideline down a bucket with just seconds left.  Okay, I get the logic, but it’s still ridiculous.

MLB has since said no such rule is being discussed.  That sound you just heard was the AL East exhaling in relief not having to worry about facing the Yankees (or any other team’s) three best hitters if their team is behind in the ninth.

It really is just too ridiculous to imagine.




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  • I kinda like the idea. I think they should follow the batting order until the 8th, then the team can send anyone they want up to bat in the ninth.

  • I like the rule. What other sport has their best players on the bench during the home stretch? This is the time your best players should step up and prove their worth


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