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Browns Moves Show Progress – And Hope

The Browns may have finally removed the big “kick me” sign off their back with the recent moves they’ve made.

Famous for trading the #2 pick in the draft to Philadelphia in 2016 that resulted in the Eagles drafting Carson Wentz who until his 2017 season ended in injury was the probable NFL MVP.  Their reason was they didn’t feel Wentz, or any other QB, was top 20.  Then there was the trade that was, but didn’t get filed on time with the Bengals this past season for A.J McCarron.  “Oops We Did It Again” would be the appropriate theme song for the 2017 Browns.

Well, it’s 2018, and even though they’ve taken heat for bringing back Hue Jackson despite his 1-31 record as Head Coach, the Browns with new GM John Dorsey pulling the trigger may finally be giving their fans something to cheer.  It’s amazing what happens when you let Football people do their job.

First, they brought in Todd Haley as Offensive Coordinator.   Haley was thrown under the bus after the Steelers lost at home to Jacksonville in the Divisional round of the playoffs despite questionable in-game decisions by their Head Coach Mike Tomlin.  Thank you, Pittsburgh. Now Haley gets to run his offense twice a year against his former employer, and you know he will be motivated to beat the Steelers.

Next the Browns traded for Jarvis Landry and brought back Josh Gordon to give the Browns a very nice Wide Receiver tandem.  Landry caught 112 passes for 987 yards and 9 touchdowns in 2017 for the Dolphins after catching 94 passes for 1;136 in 2016.

Rather than spend big money on a free agent QB, they traded the 65th pick in the draft to Buffalo for Tyrod Taylor, who we last saw peeling himself off the turf in Jacksonville at the end of the Wild Card game which the Bills lost.  Taylor was benched at one point for Nate Peterman, who completed passes to everyone in the stadium not in a Bills uniform in one half against the Chargers.  Taylor may not be a franchise QB, but he has starter experience including one playoff game.

Next is the draft, and the Browns could (and I think should) take Running back Saquon Barkley of Penn State with the first overall pick in this year’s draft, then come back and take the best QB available, maybe Josh Allen, with the 4th overall pick.   Allen can then look good wearing a baseball cap with a clipboard in his hand while Taylor plays most if not all of the 2018 season while Browns fans celebrate that they got a franchise Running Back and Quarterback not just in the first round, but in the span of four picks.

So Browns fans, it looks like things are looking up for 2018 and beyond.  Given the past couple years there was no place else to go but at least now it looks like the Browns might just know what they’re doing.

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