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The answer to that question maybe a surprising “Yes”. There are several Falcons who will be
unrestricted free agents this upcoming season who would be a great fit for the
Saints. Let’s take a look at two options. Grady Jarrett is one possibility
(although doubtful that the Falcons will let him hit free agency). The Saints won’t
have Sheldon Rankins at the start of the year, making Jarrett a huge Free Agent
pick up. Jarrett has recorded six sacks and eleven tackles for losses or no
gain this season. The Saints should have Grady Jarrett listed high on their

 There is also Tevin Coleman. Coleman is a fast
all around back that would fit well in the Saints organization.  Last year he had his career best at 800
rushing yards and 4.8 yards per carry. He would be a good target for Brees as
Coleman hauled in 32-44 passes for a total of 276 receiving yards and  5 touchdowns. If the Saints part ways with
Mark Ingram due to not agreeing on a contract extension, Coleman could be a
great addition to the backfield with Alvin Kamara.

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