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APN’S Top 10 SEC Players in the NFL

We rank the top ten current players from the Southeastern Conference.  Just to warn all you Cam Newton and Geno Atkins fans – They did not make the list!

10- AJ Green  (Georgia)

602 REC            8907 YDS                    63 TD

 A. J. Green is an intelligent veteran of the NFL. In 8 years with the Bengals, Green has been the go to guy especially in the Red Zone. Green boasts the most Touchdowns of any WR on the list. His impressive stats may land him in the Hall of Fame when his career is said and done.

9- Jarvis Landry (LSU)

481 REC           5014 YDS                     26 TD

The skill set of Jarvis Landry is beyond good. The oddity of this journey man has been that he produces regardless of who is under center. Landry has the most catches of any of the SEC wide outs in the shortest time frame. If Landry stays on pace, he will easily surpass A. J. Green in catches and yards .

8- Jadeveon Clowney (South Carolina)

205 TAK           29 SAC

Playing opposite of J.J. Watt may have its advantages. But Clowney is becoming a name that O-lines have to worry about. When Clowney is healthy, he is a beast on the field.

7- Odell Beckham Jr. (LSU)

390 REC           5476 YDS                     44 TD

The first three years of OBJ’s career where magical. Maybe it’s Eli falling off or maybe the lack of pass protection that has caused OBJ’s numbers of fall slightly. Even with the dip in performance over the last two years, Beckham is a dominate wide out with impressive ability behind those numbers.

6- Matthew Stafford (Georgia)

38,526 PY                    237 TD 62.4% COMP

The only QB to make the list. Stafford has thrown for over 4000 yards in 7 of his 10 seasons as QB. The former number one draft pick is currently ranked 22 all time in passer ratings. The stats coupled with his game management are what put Matthew Stafford at number six.

5-Julio Jones (Alabama)

698 REC           10,731 YDS      51 TD

Jones is arguably the best Falcons wide receivers of all time. He played with the Falcons for 8 years and counting and is the only wide out over 10,000 receiving yards to make the list. His clutch performance and natural talent make him one of the best wide receivers in the NFL right now.

4- Patrick Peterson (LSU)

387 TAK           3 SAK               23 INT  1TD

When it comes to defensive backs stats can be tricky. Because Peterson is one of the best lock-down CB in the NFL, most QBs avoid throwing his direction. He played with the Cardinals for 8 seasons and has one of the best pass defense ratings in the NFL. If they decide to throw in his direction, it is possible for him to pass up Darrelle Revis in interceptions over the next couple of seasons.

3- Alvin Kamara (Tennessee)

1611 Rush YD  1535REC YD    2 FUM 5.1 Y/R            31 Comb TD

Only into his second year with the Saints organization, Kamara is on pace to be the best Running Back in the NFL. He has the ability to run between the tackles, speed to turn the edge, elusiveness to shed tackles, and did we even mention he catches like a wide out? Kamara is the Madden “Create a Player” come to life. With just two years under his belt it is hard to know what his career will look like in the end, but the sure hands and yards per carry have him climbing the ladder to greatness at a rapid pace.

2 Todd Gurley (Georgia)

4547 Rush YD  1883REC YD    11 FUM           4.4 Y/R            56 Comb TD

Gurley is still considered one of the most elite running backs in the game. He punishes defenses and is outstanding in the passing game. We are a little worried about Gurley especially with the lack of playing time in the post season, still Todd Gurley lands at the number two spot until we find out more.

1. Von Miller (Texas A&M)

444 TAK           98 SAK 2 INT                1TD

The Game Changer. We know, we know – Von Miller did not play in the SEC because Texas A&M was not in the conference at the time. However, they are now and Von Miller is one of the most explosive defensive players in the NFL so here he sits at Number 1. Miller is the number two active NFL sack leader, and is on pace to pass up Terrell Suggs. (or wait for him to retire) Miller is a commander of the defense and a real smart football player. That’s why he is the number one.  

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